First blog post

My name is Philippe Chase. I am a father, a freelancer, a songwriter, a student and an unpublished author. I recently obtained an English college degree but my journey as a student isn’t over. I have dropped out of high school in the past but it is never too late to educate ourselves. I have appeared on a community television channel called TVCW, in a perseverance Event and on Radio-Canada. Hey look at me mom, I’m on the television! My little speech made a big difference, it helped to raise funds to keep our adult school going for future inscriptions and it motivated other drop-outs to make their move. I was rewarded for my courage with a student load. It was a great experience and also a great achievement.


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However, I also want to make my own mark on the web by creating a community where people can share their creativity. I believe we can all learn a lot from each other and inspire ourselves. I am hand-building a site with WordPress. It is currently a portfolio, a blog, an experienced lab and an area to express my creativity on the web. I will be posting blogs and making updates on different projects. For example, my self-publishing journey, the content of my Science fiction series, illustrations, and other related content. I am also working on a Horror manuscript. I will talk individually about each project in my following blogs.

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I always had a huge admiration for books. Writing has always been a passion but who knew that one day my desire would be to hold my own with my bare hands. This is my first experience with self-publishing and my 2 wonderful children are my biggest fans. I have no previous publications. I have been working on an incredible Science fiction series. You can follow the progress of my first novel’s development and share how I will convert my manuscripts into well a presented book series that I wish to share with the world! You can be a part of the experience by subscribing to my email list on the website, being a Beta-reader or simply become a reader and enjoy the adventure!

Furthermore, doing research and editing is an important part of the process and it’s also a great way to evolve has a writer. We get better every day, we can always find things to change and develop new ideas. I mostly find better ways to describe the world and its characters that I created. I am also translating the entire series in the French language.

I am hoping to expand my collaborations and author platform. I have contacted different cover designers but obtained no success of results. I haven’t given up the idea but designing my own cover is slowly becoming a new challenge for me.

My goals: Discover, Inspire, Entertain, have my very own charity and also make a complete documentary film on “Different People, Different Passion’s a project about Perseverance.

My interest and hobbies are writing, music, reading, boating, fishing, hiking, basketball, football, rollerblading, skating, snowboarding, helping others and spending quality family time.

My morals: Compassion and evidence.

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I believe dreams come true and effort is the key to reach our goals. The reason life is hard on us sometimes is to build our strength and help us appreciate its true treasures has we experience it at its fullest.